The Void Belonging to Created Things, Q02 Brussels

Q-O2 installation, Brussels

The Void Belonging To Created Things, installation view of first space. 2012

The Void Belonging to Created Things was exhibited as part of a three-week residency that was set up to consider the crossovers between composition, sculpture and installation. Using the two adjoining spaces  at QO2, Hughes used the first to exhibit material found on site and placed them together according the characteristics of the space. In the second exhibition space the found objects, rather than standing as atomised structures, formed composite figures, or ‘statements’. Through the two different types of structure Hughes exploits the boundaries of sculpture, installation, language and composition.

A limited edition publication was made to accompany the residency and included images of the residency, exhibition and an accompanying score.

Q02 2012

Publication: Page from The Void Belonging to Created Things, 2012